Bio c’ Bon Azabu Juban

Organic produce and bulk store section


We want more people to experience the deliciousness of organic products carefully cultivated by producers and the enjoyment of living with organic products. That is why, with the motto of “casual prices that can be used every day,” we emphasise dialogue with each and every customer and aim to be a familiar store that you can enjoy casually.
We would like to change the concept of organic in Japan, such as for those who are particular about it or for special people, and it seems to be good for the body but difficult to use on a daily basis.

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  1. Bulk oatmeal very affordable

    I just checked the bulk foods, and the organic oatmeal’s price is on par with any normal oatmeal you can get online or in shops (10,something yen per 10 g). I was super surprised!
    Some products (e.g. flour, though they have whole spelt flour (approx. 1600 Yen/ 1 kg), which is awesome) are incredibly expensive, though.

    1. Thank you very much Nancy! This is super useful to know!

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